1 in 4 children can have trouble with their hearing. This can impact them in their ability to develop spoken language, being clear in their talking and also effect their learning at school. 


Children with hearing issues often:

  • appear disinterested
  • are late talkers
  • have trouble listening
  • have the television up loud
  • may seem naughty
  • have trouble developing literacy skills

Children can exhibit issues with their hearing and not have ear infections. Some children may have waxy ears that block the path of sound and some may have fluid that impacts their hearing. There are many other reasons a child may have a hearing issue. It is always a good idea to have their ears checked prior to beginning any form of intervention. 


Salisbury office: Hearing assessments for toddlers 6 months of age upwards

Mawson Lakes office: Hearing assessments for children 4 years of age and upwards


Medicare Rebates


You may be eligible for a Chronic Disease Management (CDM) Plan (a letter referral is not eligible for a rebate - this will need to be a CDM plan). Speak to your GP about your eligibility. You may also be eligible for Medicare rebates if you have a referral from an Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) Specialist. You will need to pay the total cost of the appointment ($85), and any Medicare rebates applicable will be deposited into your account instantly with our HICAPS facility. Please make sure you bring a debit card for us to re-deposit the Medicare rebate. Overall cost with a CDM Plan is $30 for the diagnostic hearing assessment. 




If you or a close family member struggle to participate in conversation in noisy settings or just have trouble listening to the television book in for a full diagnostic hearing assessment with us. We will provide you with a full diagnostic report and recommendations. If you are unsure if you require hearing aids, speak to us. Speak Hear is a member of Independent Audiologists Australia. We do not sell hearing aids. We do provide you with an unbiased assessment of your hearing ability. 


Book in now for a diagnostic hearing assessment with our dual qualified audiologists!