Auditory Processing Disorder (APD)

APD is said to occur when an individual has hearing within normal limits, but continues to struggle to listen. 


APD co-occurs with language delays, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD).


Children and adults with APD often exhibit difficulties:

  • concentrating
  • remembering and following directions
  • staying on task
  • being energised
  • listening when there are other voices/sounds around them
  • with literacy development (particularly phonics)
  • focusing on tasks at hand

Children with APD are very often bright and have a lot to offer, however seem to struggle with their learning and following directions. Many are disengaged from learning because of their difficulties listening. If you suspect your child may have APD, contact us now for a chat. 


Worried your child may have APD? Click on the checklist below to help identify risk factors. 



APD assessments are carried out over two, one-hour sessions. This is done to decreased a "fatigue effect" which may impact the results of assessment. Those with APD, often become tired when focused on listening tasks for a prolonged duration and as such we would like to ensure the results of the assessment are a true reflection of an individual's abilities, and not a result of increased tiredness.  


APD Appointment 1

This appointment will include a full diagnostic hearing assessment to check ear health and rule out any hearing related issues. If a hearing assessment has been conducted in the last 6 months, let the audiologist know and we will be able to skip the hearing test component of the test, thus decreasing the cost of the overall assessment, provided an audiogram is presented. At this appointment, a full case history is taken and 4-5 out of the 8 APD assessment subtests will be conducted. 


APD Appointment 2

The remaining subtests will be completed and the results of the assessment will be discussed and recommendations will be presented. Questions and comments are encouraged in this appointment. 


Post APD assessment information

You will receive the APD assessment report detailing the assessment, scores and recommendations via e-mail within 7 days of APD appointment 2. 


APD MUST be diagnosed by an audiologist to ensure the individual does not present with a hearing loss.



APD checklist
A quick checklist to ascertain if your child may need a hearing/APD assessment
SH checklist for APD.pdf
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